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Manoj Maity - Managing Director

"Education is about teaching, learning skills and knowledge. It also means helping people to learn how to do things and support them to think about what they learn."

Through education, the knowledge of society, country, and of the world is passed on from generation to generation. This may include education in morality, for example learning how to act as loyal, honest and effective citizens. Education may help and guide individuals from one class to other. Educated individuals and groups can do things that they help less educated people. So Education is a larger term and to inculcate the same into the young mind makes more difficult if it is not been properly done. Kids have more powerful brain – so to nourish and nurture the talent, we bring into the expertise of modern education. By the concept of Digital Education mixed with Fun Filled Activities render the Kids immense passion and energize them to carry forward the energy for the next day. Kids Enjoy, Kids Learn, Kids Visualize and they Grow at Baby Bunny!!



Why Babybunny

  • Innovative Curriculum – A proper blend of Technology and Nature Connect Methodology.
  • Major emphasis has been given on developing Value System.
  • Family Counselling being an added advantage for all our parents. It will be conducted by a well known Family Counsellor
  • Introduction of Advanced Technoloy to deal with DBD of Kids and AR/VR platform for treating some mental issues.
  • Revolutionary Mobile Application-“Baby Bunny” App for End to End Services on Fees Payment, Class Update, Innovation In The Class, Attendance etc.
  • Health, Nutrition and Growth monitoring facilities.
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What We Aim at “Baby Bunny”

pic_typorgaphyWe are aiming for the children of ages 2-6 have access to a flexible, multifaceted, multilevel, play-based, activity-based, and discovery-based education. It also becomes natural then to view this period, from up to three years of pre-school (ages 3-6) to the end of Grade 2 (age 8), as a single pedagogical unit called the “Foundational Stage”.

It is necessary, therefore, to develop and establish such an integrated foundational curricular and pedagogical framework, and corresponding teacher preparation, for this critical Foundational Stage of a child’s development.

pic_double_sidebar_1The numerous rich traditions of India over millennia in ECCE, involving art, stories, poetry, songs, gatherings of relatives, and more, that exist throughout India are also incorporated in the curricular and pedagogical framework of ECCE to impart a sense of local relevance, enjoyment, excitement, culture, and sense of identity and community. The traditional roles of families in raising, nurturing, and educating children are also strongly supported and integrated. In particular, family leave policies that afford women and men the ability to tend to their children in their earliest years of life are critical in enabling families to fulfil these traditional roles.

We have also incorporated a strong value system into our pedagogical framework so as to develop and raise a Kid with a very strong EQ which will certainly help them to be successful in REAL LIFE. At Baby Bunny School , we are redefining early child care education over the years with focus on providing a fun-based learning environment. Our ‘Child-First’ ideology at the core of our pedagogy enables us to ensure your child’s development, safety and engagement needs are met in a home like environment. This 360-degree engagement makes our school as “Your Child’s Second Home”!